Living Snow Fence - Demo Sites Needed in Gratiot County

Living snow fences help prevent blowing and drifting snow that make your roads and driveways impassable.

They act similarly to rocks in a stream, creating an eddy effect that alters wind speed and direction, causing snow to settle where you want it.

Gratiot Conservation District held a presentation workshop on December 5th to teach about how to get started. We are still in need of several land owners who are willing to allow us to come and photograph their property this winter prior to planting the living snow fence, then documenting the next year as it is planted and grown, and displaying the results next winter.

Here is an example of a local land owner who has planted a special kind of switch grass near the edge of the road to act as a living snow fence.

This spring 2013, Gratiot Conservation District is going to be offering for sale this unique fast-growing switch grass to interested land-owners as part of this three year study.

The switch grass will be sold as plugs that are ready to be planted and come to the customer about the size of a tree seedling.

We were privileged to have Jerry Grigar, NRCS State of Michigan Agronomist, coming to our office in Ithaca to conduct a presentation about the process of planting living snow fences. He is available to answer questions from land owners and community members, and to help get projects started.

For more information or to set up a time to meet with Jerry, call Julie Spencer at the Gratiot Conservation District at 989-875-3050 or on her cell phone at 989-560-1144.


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