No-till Drill Rental

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Time to Reserve the Rental of our No-till Drills

Have you made plans yet for your spring plantings? If not, now is the time to start thinking about setting up an appointment to rent one of our no-till drills. The Gratiot Conservation District has a 15-foot no-till drill and a 6-foot native grass drill available for rent. For questions and rental rates contact the Gratiot Conservation District at 989-875-3900 or our No-till Technician, Fred Fleisher at 989-584-3858.

Lease Rates:
15' No-till Drill (John Deere): $15/acre ($1/acre discount if paid within 30 days)w/$100 minimum
6' Native Grass Drill: Minimum $135 (includes delivery, set-up up to 10 acres). Any acreage planted in excess of 10 acres will be charged a rate of $6 per acre.

Download the No-till Drill Agreement Here

Download the Native Grass Drill Agreement Here

Download the Native Grass Drill Use Agreement Here (Must accompany Native Grass Drill Agreement)

Check out this cool one-minute video about the differences between soil that has been tilled for farming (disturbed) and soil that has been left alone for many years (un-disturbed). It illustrates a prime example of why no-till farming can really improve the quality of your soil, i.e. the quality of the crops you grow! Take a minute (literally one minute!) to watch the video. Very cool video. -Julie

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