Living Forest Tree Assemblies

Ready to go to the assembly!

The Gratiot County Community Foundation has awarded us a generous grant in support of our Living Forest lesson that we do in the spring!

Each year the Gratiot Conservation District gives the second graders in Gratiot County a free tree seedling. This spring the kids have the opportunity to learn more about trees, the value and importance of them, and how to plant and care for their tree.

Are you ready to learn about trees and become a Living Forest?

Okay, everybody stand up, plant your roots and spread out your branches!

Now, if you're a forest, you're going to have animals living around you!

Will you hold my bunny? Now, take good care of that bunny! You are now that bunny's home!

How about a bear? a wolf? a turtle?

Now, what kinds of things do we make from trees? How about...toilet paper?

Now, you've been chopped down to be made into a roll of paper towel! So, sit down!

What other kinds of things do we make from trees? Books? Furniture? Newspapers? Houses?

What about bugs? What do bugs do to trees? Here...catch!

There are a lot of reasons why we lose trees.

Sometimes it's to a storm or wildfire, sometimes it's an infestation of an invasive species. sometimes they are used to make the goods we use everyday, and sometimes they are turned into fire wood to heat our homes.

As long as we are planting as many trees as we are using, trees are considered a "renewable resource"!

No, you can't keep my bunny! She has to come with me to the next class!

The above photos were from my assembly at Fulton Elementary. Below are some photos from my time at Breckenridge Elementary:

Want to see last year's Living Forest pictures? Click here for the link!

-Julie Spencer
Gratiot Conservation District Administrator
301 E. Commerce Dr
Ithaca, MI 48847