2014 Annual Meeting & Banquet of the Gratiot Conservation District

What an amazing night! We had such an awesome Annual Meeting & Banquet for the Gratiot Conservation District and it went so smoothly thanks to all of my staff & volunteers & Board of Directors! You guys are all so amazing! Thank you to my Board Chairman Kevin Craig, Board members Mike Chaffin, Mark Crumbaugh, Tim Frisbie, and (although absent tonight always a part of the team) Dr. Kelvin Grant! Thank you to my amazing staff (and great friends!) Monique Ferris, Ben Wickerham, and Earl Krom. I couldn't ask for a better conservation team! You make my job so much fun! And to my volunteers: most notably Sheila Frederick who was with me from 1:30 this afternoon until we closed the doors & turned out the lights! My most adorable and loving volunteer (who also happened to come home with me!) Clayton Spencer! Lori Martin, who wore multiple hats tonight and stepped up to do anything that was asked of her! Tami Melton who braved snow shoveling in order to join us, and Chris Ferris who graciously lets me borrow his wife all week long and puts up with late dinners so that she can tromp through wildlife habitat promoting conservation efforts! You guys are all amazing and I couldn't have done it without you!!! This was my third banquet as the (not so new anymore) Administrator, and I thought this year went amazingly smooth. Also thank you to Litwiller's Catering for another wonderful meal, and to our keynote speaker Mary Fales who kept us entertained and excited about our new watershed project! Great job everyone! -Julie (pictures will follow in a few days!!!)