Introducing Your New District Administrator

Julie Spencer has recently been chosen as the new Administrator of the Gratiot Conservation District. When you walk in to the District office to purchase a Gratiot County Plat Book or order your trees for spring planting, you’ll see a new face behind the counter. Julie Spencer lives in Shepherd with her husband and three children. She studied Geography at Central Michigan University with concentrations in Cartography, Remote Sensing & GIS, Environmental Analysis & Land Use Planning, and Earth Science. Her Master’s degree is in Geographic Information Sciences, and her graduate research was titled GIS Approach to Identifying Areas for Preservation in the Chippewa River Watershed. For the past few years Julie has been working as a freelance editorial consultant for a non-profit organization out of Lansing called EduGuide doing writing, editing, search engine optimization (SEO), data entry, and answering an advice column on their website. She also has a real estate license and has worked with both Century 21 Lee-Mac in Alma and Century 21 Bowerman/Peake in Mt. Pleasant. Her passions include politics, reading, creative writing, spirituality, education issues, cooking, home canning, food storage, emergency preparedness, and anything related to the Twilight Saga! We hope you’ll stop by the office and give her a warm welcome to the District.

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