How Much Phragmites and Autumn Olive Are in Gratiot County?

The Gratiot Conservation District has begun a comprehensive study of the prevalence of Autumn Olive and Phragmites in this area. We are taking an inventory of the number of acres of Autumn Olive and Phragmites that is currently present in Gratiot County. If you have Autumn Olive or Phragmites growing on your property or know of some near you, we’d like to hear from you. Efforts are underway to help alleviate the spread of these invasive species but we need your help to identify their locations. If you’ve already called, there’s no need to call again; we have your data already noted!

Within the next year we will be coming around to map the locations to be included on the Midwest Invasive Species Information Network. If you would like to participate in the mapping project, we will be doing volunteer training in the upcoming months. Give us a call and we’ll get you signed up.

Please contact the Gratiot Conservation District at 989-875-3900 ext 5 if you suspect that you have Autumn Olive or Phragmites growing near you.

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